A downloadable game for Windows

The Vandalizer, an egotist who thinks that no art that he didn't make has merit, has stolen a super paint gun and begun vandalizing the art gallery. The super paint gun can create monsters out of paint as well as simple sigil tags. His grafitti has made the art, and the museum, dangerous to traverse.

Hero Dude painter, an average kid who had been given the super spray can as a gift, decides to do what he can to neutralize the danger and to fix it entirely. The super spray can can be used to fight the paint monsters and disable them, and undo the sigils. He's weaker, but skilled.

Hero Dude painter was making street art nearby the museum when he saw The Vandalizer walk through the front door, cackling. Before long, people began running out, and Hero Dude stepped in to investigate.



WASD moves player, LMB Sprays, RMB Places platform, mouse wheel changes color, space is jump

Install instructions

Run the executable called DumbArtGame.exe


Paint'D 493 MB