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Halloween night at 7 pm the sun has gone down and the moon up, mist fills the neighborhood. Mr. Ten Penny, a retired war vet, dreads this night as kids always bother him and always scare him beyond belief. But this year he is prepared! He bought candy from all the stores in town and has an arsenal at his disposal, with his orange plastic bowl on his head he is ready for them!

Barricading the door with candy bags he starts to hurl candy at them in hopes of keeping them out.  But this year is different the kids have a something inside of them making them want candy more and more.  Ten Penny has to make it to his bunker to deploy the nuke pinata and end it all. 

It’s the night of the livid kids....

mouse/right control stick: controls the aim/view
left mouse button/right trigger: fires candy and reloads candy when looking at refill station. 
Escape Key: Quits Game

-Don't let the trick or treaters get to your barricade.
-If they get to you, you take a hit.
-You have 10 hits before you retreat into the next area. 
-Behind the player is a set of 10 different types of candies the treaters are wanting. 
-You can load up to 10 candies at a time (bottom to top). 
-Fire the corresponding candy at the treaters with the candy that they are wanting. 
-The type of candy they want is represented by an icon over their head.
-If you fire an incorrect candy then they will throw T.P. at you which will slow you if you are hit.  
-As time goes on they will demand more and more candy. 
-The order of their candy craving is from bottom to top. 
-Survive for as long as you can!!!! 

Animation: Daniel Avalos
Modeling/Texturing: Naomi Garcia
Modeling: Skye Haglund
Modeling: Nichole Smith
Texturing: Anthony Smith
Story/Modeling: Matt Hart
Music: Tom Green
Concept Art/Character modeling/Texturing: Alexis Rivera
Modeling: Matthew Contreras
Concept Art/Modeling/Voice Acting: Ivan Chavez
Concept Art/Modeling/Texturing: Justin Baca
Mr Amazing/UE4 Guru/Mechanics/etc... : Ethan Cook
Modeling/Texturing/Voice Old Man/Comic Relief/Other UE4 Guru: Brandon Norine
Modeling/Texturing/CoverArt: Jacob Otero
UE4 Level Designer/Modeling: Cassie Bowers
Concept Art/Modeling: Luc Crain
Concept Art/Modeling: William McCulloch
Concept Art/Modeling: Jazsmin Hidalgo
Concept Art/Modeling/Texturing: Marcel Listy
Project Coordinator/Modeling: Jonathan Morrison

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreShooter, Action
Tagscandy, Comedy, First-Person, Halloween, Horror, old-veteran, scary, Spooky

Install instructions

Download file> Unzip file>WindowsNoEditor>NMGameJam2018.exe <--- Run this


TriggerTreat.zip 525 MB

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